Q1. Who is behind Two Photon Art?

Christine Liu and Tera Johnson are scientists by training and artists by night. Christine is currently a PhD candidate at UC Berkeley in neuroscience and Tera works for an environmental science non-profit in Los Angeles.

Q2. How did you start Two Photon Art?

We spent every summer together since meeting in 2012 at the University of Oregon during a summer research experience. In 2013 we were both at Stanford for research, in 2014 we traveled to Buenos Aires together, and in 2015 we traveled to Nicaragua. By that summer, we had spent a full year working or in graduate school and we yearned for a way to continue making art and staying in touch. Inspired by the majesty of the volcanoes around us during our trip to Nicaragua, we began working on our first zine. The rest is history!

We decided to name ourselves "Two Photon" after the imaging technique that uses two separate beams of photons to allow scientists to see deeper into brain tissue. We hope that by combining science and art, we will let others delve deeper into science!

Q3. Can you make a custom pin for me?

Yes, but only if the pin is an artistic collaboration (not just a replica of a logo) and if the minimum pin order exceeds 500 pins. Our minimum is flexible for non-profit organizations. Email us at twophotonart@gmail.com to start a conversation!

Q4. Do you have wholesale discounts?

Yes, if you order more than 30 enamel pins, we can offer you a discount of 30%. For 40+ pins, we offer 40% off and for 50+ pins, we offer 50% off. The discount only applies to cost of the pins and not shipping. Email us at twophotonart@gmail.com to make a wholesale inquiry!

Q5. Can I commission you or collaborate with you to make a zine?

Currently, we have very limited openings for zine projects. Don't hesitate to reach out though! If the project is a good fit with our schedule and mission, we would be happy to collaborate.

Q6. Can I buy your goods anywhere in person?

Currently, the only store carrying our pins is the Exploratorium store in San Francisco. Otherwise, we attend zine fests on the West Coast every few months and plan on being at the annual Society for Neuroscience meeting.

We are a two woman team with a passion for science, nature, and art. We met almost four years ago at a summer research program and became immediate friends. However, it wasn't until the summer of 2015 that we transformed our casual doodlings into a project with purpose. A trip to Nicaragua inspired us to create our first zine Volcanoes. Since then we've covered topics in neuroscience, math, conservation biology, and more. We've also ventured into the fashion scene by creating science and nature themed pins and patches. 

We believe science doesn't have to end in the lab. Our goal is to creatively communicate science in ways that are accessible and fun, no matter your background! We have shared our love of science with artists and nonscientists by tabling at zine fests up and down the west coast and even in Berlin. One time, we even brought our zines to the largest neuroscience conference in the world and shared art with scientists! We are all about combining art and science in unpretentious ways that inspire people to create their own art or pursue scientific topics.

Thank you for your support! It means the world to us to be able to make science more accessible through our art.

Tera Johnson

Environmental scientist working at a non-profit
Los Angeles


Christine Liu

PhD candidate in Neuroscience
UC Berkeley