Our mission is creating accessible science education, so we aim to make our creations free whenever we can. Download and print our zines for free and use our art in your own science communication!

genetics vector graphics

Created in collaboration with the Innovative Genomics Institute

luna moth pin and pcr zine.jpg

mini-zines about genetics techniques

A series of three zines created in collaboration with New England Biolabs. You may have gotten one in the mail if you subscribe to their catalog. If not, you're in luck and can print your own!

11" x 17" poster

Print this out to use as a poster for your workspace or a protest sign to advocate for inclusion in science!


journal article notebook

A little companion for note-taking when reading journal articles. 

neuroscientist portrait project flatlay.PNG

neuroscientist portrait project

stories and portraits of 5 amazing neuroscientists at UC Berkeley


opium poppy

A zine created in collaboration with Amanda Tose summarizing the history, chemistry, and social issues surrounding the opium poppy and its derivatives.