Coloring Zine II - LA Zine Fest

We created this second coloring zine for the Los Angeles Zine Fest. Inside you will find drawings ranging from abstract line doodles to meticulous scenes of Berlin covered in greenery.  We are always excited to see how people color in the zine -- here you can see the additions made by people who stopped by our table at LAZF!


Coloring Zine I - East Bay Zine Fest

The first of our series of coloring zines. This edition contains geometric shapes as well as flowing blobs with the additional silly cat or pun. Also contains a disclaimer against the common trend of pseudoscientific claims about the psychological benefits of coloring. Although there are few studies testing the benefit of coloring books, we still think it's a worthwhile, fun, and stress-relieving activity.

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If you've already purchased a physical copy of the zine and want to download single coloring sheets, click here. The password is the first word in the zine that starts with "F".