2016 so far


Tera and I have had quite the year so far! At East Bay Zine Fest, we met a new friend to collaborate with. Eric Villalobos, of Moronzine and The House of Wolves Collective (THOWC), worked with us to create a mini-poster about the Science of Sound. This project was made as an entry for The Flame Challenge , a contest in which visual and written entries answering scientific questions are judged by 6th graders. We were up against videos so we were surprised to hear that the judges placed us in the Top 25 entries of several hundred! We debuted this zine at the Los Angeles Zine Fest where people picked up copies for themselves, friends, and even students ranging from children to a graduate seminar at UCLA!

After March, things started to get a little more hectic for us. Tera began preparing for a big move to Berlin. Christine was studying for her qualifying exam, a test that determines whether one can continue in their PhD program. By the end of May, Christine had passed her exam and Tera was a week away from moving to Germany. As one last hurrah before the move, we set up shop at a Nightlife event at the California Academy of Sciences. The theme was 90's night so we brought our zines and Eric's button maker!

Now, as we begin to settle into summer, we have big plans ahead. Two Photon will be tabling at the Portland Zine Symposium in mid-July hopefully with new zines! Another big project we are launching is a photo zine that features successful scientists that are part of groups underrepresented in the sciences. We were fortunate to participate in summer research programs at the University of Oregon and Stanford where we met scientists from similar backgrounds (and actually where we met each other!) but many other students do not have the same opportunity. We hope that by creating this zine, we can not only highlight the diversity currently in science but to inspire those from underrepresented groups to pursue science. Keep an eye out for it or even better, apply!