Our first zine fest!

We made our first zine a few months ago. The product of an inspiring trip to Nicaragua, Volcanoes scientifically and visually describes how (you guessed it) volcanoes are formed.

After returning home, we continued to make zines, hoping to someday distribute them to the community. This day came way sooner than either one of us anticipated. Christine stumbled upon a zine fest conveniently located in Berkeley (where she currently goes to school). We scrambled to pull together an application for the East Bay Alternative Press Book Fair (EBABZ) by submitting a not-so-polished-but-just-good-enough version of the Volcano zine. A month later, we got an acceptance email, as well as a half table to display our zines. Our vision was coming to fruition!

We managed to make three more zines right before the Fest and didn’t get to printing until the week before.

EBABZ was exhilarating – by noon the floor was buzzing with vendors and visitors ready to chat, trade zines, and make connections. We decked our table in Christine’s collection of random scientific paraphernalia (an Erlenmeyer flask, a beaker, and rainbow test tubes), handed out free stickers, but most importantly, connected our community with fun scientific concepts.

So many people mentioned how much they liked science, despite lacking a scientific background. Hopefully our artsy zines will bring them closer to science in a more fun and less intimidating way.

With only three months until LA Zine Fest, who knows what we’ll come up with next!